If you read my ABOUT ME section, you noticed I'm in Afghanistan, which means I live in the FUTURE for a lot of you because I'm 8.5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time in the US, LOL.  (Okay, my nieces and nephews and grands think it's cool!)  So, while you're sleeping I'm up working as an armed security guard in the war zone.  It's a life I chose, but it has always provided for my family.  As a single mother, it was a great way to support my beautiful daughter, India Rose.  In the photo below, these were some locals I came to know during my first deployment.  They only got paid a couple hundred bucks a month to support us, and their lives were in danger for doing so.  Afghanistan is not everything you see on TV.  There are some great people here who fear for their lives, who value our presence, and who pray for a better life.

~GOD BLESS YOU, and talk to you soon.

Working with the Locals in Afghanistan