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The Prequel to "The Monster Within: Feeding the Demon"

Over 30 Missing Persons and nobody cares...except Skylar Fleming!
"I promise, Laura, I will never stop searching for you." Those were the words spoken by an 11-year-old girl fifteen years ago, and that promise has finally brought her back to the place where she last saw Laura Fleming. Haunted and driven by the disappearance of her older sister, Detective Skylar Fleming is fueled by a love only siblings can share. She will let nothing or no one stop her from getting answers. Unfortunately, her path to uncover the truth is detoured by missing girls and dead bodies as she searches for her sister and whoever is responsible for her disappearance. 

Emerging author Guenevere is bringing to life a fresh, new book series that will follow the cases of Detective Skylar Fleming as she fights to stop the dark evils that exist in today's society, the unspeakable horrors that account for thousands of missing persons each year. Keep your family close. There is evil everywhere.

"Girl on Fire - Chasing Ghosts" is the prequel to "The Monster Within - Feeding the Demon." It can be read as a standalone. But, trust me... you don't want to miss what happens in the next book of this crime thriller series!



The Monster Within

Feeding the Demon

Dillon Brooks is brilliant. He is very handsome, a well-respected family man, and touted as one of the top defense attorneys in the country. He has defended a few deranged killers during his career, so he knows all about murder. In fact, as a serial killer himself, Dillon has become quite the expert who has a taste for beautiful young women – literally! No one suspects that he has a hungry monster deep inside his soul that he has to feed from time to time, not even his loving wife, Sarah, nor the beautiful homicide detective, Skylar Fleming.



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About Guenevere

I'm so excited you're here!  I'm a tribally-enrolled Native American born and raised in Pembroke, NC.  However, I've traveled a lot and lived in 8 states and 3 countries.  I LOVE traveling. My 'studied' profession is Nationally Certified Court Stenographer.

I'm a Music Minister!  That is my first love and passion.  I began singing in church when I was about 4 years old, began playing for Sunday services at the age of 12, and accepted my first Music Director position in my late teens.  I'm also a published Singer/Songwriter, but I'm currently playing keyboards and leading a vibrant music ministry in Afghanistan with deployed personnel and citizens of almost 30 countries.  How exciting!

I've been published as a writer in a few Native American magazines and now I'm a Self Published Author through several outlets.  I write Thriller, Inspirational, Romance, Drama, and Children's books.  I have a GREAT and VERSATILE line up coming out this year.  I have so much in me to share. 

Although America is and will always be my home, as noted above, I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan supporting US Armed Forces.  I may not look it, but I'm a GLAM-MA of 3 grands.




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